Media on TCL

Other Media Resources

  • Musical Shakespeare: Sweet Will and the Saucy Jacks
  • For Better For Verse an interactive poetry tool to teach scansion of traditionally metered poetry in English, a project of the University of Virginia Department of English
  • In Our Time a BBC Radio 4 program in which host Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas.  Full archive of downloadable audio.
  • Lannan Foundation “We add new live programming every month with audio and video content to our event archives. By searching the biography section, you’ll find rich material on over 450 writers, poets, artists, and cultural thinkers.”
  •  Funded by the Annenberg Foundation, this site is primarily geared towards high school teaching but has material that could be adapted for college courses

Please contribute to this page with suggestions of other resources that should be listed here.