TCL Editor Update, February 2020

Teaching College Literature began in 2012 as a sabbatical project inspired by my teaching of a new course for my department’s M.A. students, “Approaches to Teaching College-Level Literature.” In designing that course, I found a significantly greater wealth of materials available for high school teachers than for new teachers of literature at the college level, and I wanted in some small way to help redress that imbalance. I opted for a website rather than a journal, having seen the difficulties some of the smaller journals I had worked with as an editorial board member had in filling each issue with quality submissions.

The quality of early submissions to the site was heartening, and I was especially impressed by the work of Kimberly Downing Robinson and Erik Carlson of the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, whose materials for their course “Thrift as an Ideology: An Interdisciplinary Survey of Literature” were one of the first contributions published. In 2019, Professor Robinson agreed to co-edit Teaching College Literature, and in the wake of my recent retirement will now be taking over as TCL lead editor. I am delighted to leave this project in such good hands and look forward to seeing TCL flourish!

Renée Pigeon, Professor Emeritus, California State University, San Bernardino

Spring 2020

Awards, Books, and Conferences

Teaching Literature Book Award

The Teaching Literature Book Award is an international, juried prize for the best book-length work on teaching literature and allied arts at the undergraduate or graduate level. Nominations are due March 15 of odd numbered years.

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