Teaching College Literature: A Resource Guide (TCL) provides an online space for sharing innovative teaching practices grounded in pedagogical theory and welcomes submissions from college and university  practitioners at all levels of the English studies classroom.  While published teaching materials may span the gamut from teaching tips, daily lessons, required and recommended course reading lists to entire course designs, all materials for consideration must include a theoretical introduction and be fully referenced. Submissions which include open-access digital materials are encouraged.

TCL’s mission is to build a practical resource informed by “the scholarship of teaching.” The unprecedented migration of traditional coursework to online learning systems due to COVID-19 restrictions could not point more poignantly to the critical need for more and varied open-access course materials  for use in post-secondary classrooms. Thus, we are particularly interested at this time to receive submissions from post-secondary instructors who have who have recently transitioned their traditional classrooms online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We do not publish master or general syllabi which include attendance, FERPA,  ADA policies, and campus/community services specific to an institution as these documents include language which is the intellectual property of their originating institutions. Submissions must be free of internet links to copyrighted materials.  While we do  encourage those who wish to publish here to review the materials already available, our goal is to expand on what is presently available.

TCL follows double-blind peer review protocols. Please email inquiries to the lead editor, Dr. Kimberly Downing Robinson, at Include the working title for submissions in the subject line of your email and attach any materials for consideration as Word documents (.doc, .docx, .rtf).

Please note that any commercial use of material on this site without express written consent is prohibited; use for educational and research purposes with appropriate citation is encouraged.

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