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Teaching College Literature welcomes submissions in the following areas:

  •  Articles (length: 2500-6000 words)
  •  Sample syllabi and/or assignments: please include a brief commentary on the course and remove personal information such as addresses and phone numbers; for an example, see Renee Pigeon’s syllabus on crime fiction
  • Advice on course planning and design
  • Teaching tips (length 1500-3000 words)
  • Media: videos, PowerPoints and other media
  • Suggestions for links to resources including blogs, websites and media

Original material should be submitted electronically as an attachment  (doc, rtf, or pdf format), following current MLA style, to the TCL editor:

Renee Pigeon

Please include a brief bio and your academic affiliation.

Queries about submissions in the above categories or other possibilities not listed above are encouraged; please include “TCL” in the subject line of your email.

Please note that any commercial use of material on this site without express written consent is prohibited; use for educational and research purposes with appropriate citation is encouraged.